My Growing Place

My Growing Place, is a childcare ministry of First United Methodist Church of Lufkin. 


Our goal for each child, is to delight in learning and grow emotionally, socially, and academically. We pledge to nurture each child’s unique gifts, and provide a safe and stimulating environment. We are committed to providing each child with a strong foundation rooted in Christ. 

What we offer:

Each of our classrooms offer age appropriate, hands on curriculum, aimed towards teaching our children academic fundamentals and basic social skills. Children are encouraged to learn through dramatic play, music, art, language skill builders, math manipulatives, and open ended centers. 

From pre-k all the way down to infants, our teachers do their best to provide fun and stimulating activities on a day-to-day basis. Activities may include:

-       Art crafts involving painting, gluing, and coloring to help exercise children’s creativity and fine motor skills.

-       Science experiments playing into a child’s wonder, while teaching action and reaction.

-       Plant and animal projects teaching commitment and responsibility.

-       Outside fun such as sidewalk chalk, and nature walks to make use of children’s gross motor skills and provoke their sense of adventure. 

When we’re not in the classroom we like to take advantage of FUMCL’s wonderful campus and staff.

Children are able to enjoy the playground, church library, and gym. 
Additionally, our preschool aged classes regularly have a volunteer come read to them and weekly participate in a Chapel service, led by FUMC’s ministerial staff. 

Why choose us:

We realize it is not always easy nor a parent’s first choice to place their child in a daycare/preschool. That is why, we will always strive to show compassion, grace, and understanding. Your child’s over all well-being and happiness will always be our number priority. Additionally, children are only little once, and for a short time…we believe it is a privilege when were are allowed to be a part of your child’s growing up! 

For more information:

To find out more about our program and pricing or to visit our campus:

Call our office at 936.639.6884 or;

Visit us at 805 E Denman Ave, we are located in the nursery wing of FUMC’s campus. 

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