2020 Israel Trip

The 2020 Israel Trip will be January 6-19, 2020*. This trip will be through Jerusalem University College. Registration is now open!

This two-week trip emphasizes the geographical, historical, and cultural setting of Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and Galilee during the time of Jesus. Students will study the historical context of the Second Temple Period and learn how historical figures and world powers shaped the political, religious, and social environment of the world of Jesus and early Judaism.

The field studies follow the basic chronology of the life of Christ, spending one week in the Galilee region and one week in the Jerusalem region. Sit on steps where early rabbis taught to better understand the context of Jesus’ teaching. Watch the sunset on the Sea of Galilee. Feel the personality of Herod through his massive building projects. All this and more will make Jesus’ life and ministry come to life in new ways.

*We will be flying to Jerusalem on January 5 and will begin our trip on January 6. We will return to the U.S. on January 20.

Pay Your Deposit

The cost for this trip are as follows:

Deposit/Pre-Class Materials
There is a $50 application fee and $172 for pre-class materials. Total $222. ($230 if using a credit or debit card). This deposit holds your spot on the trip. Click here to pay your deposit. Deadline to pay is Sunday, April 28, 2019.

Room Charge
This cost covers your hotel room, meals, and transportation costs in Jerusalem.
*Double Room - $3,570 per person
*Private Room - $4,760 per person
The full amount of your room charge will be due to JUC November 18, 2019. 

Flight Cost
The cost of the flight will be booked separately and we will be looking into booking a group ticket to help with the cost. Cost for the flight varies but averages around $1,600.

You will need a valid U.S. Passport that will not expire before July 20, 2020. If you need a passport or need to renew your current one, please start the process now. It can take up eight-weeks to receive your passport. Click here to find out how to apply for a passport and the documentation needed. 

Registration Process

Click here to begin the registration process through juc.edu after you have paid your deposit to FUMC. Click here to pay your deposit and secure your spot on the trip by Sunday, April 28, 2019.

Registration Steps on the Jerusalem University College website:

1. Go to JUC.edu.
2. Click on "APPLY" in the upper right-hand corner.
4. Click on "FIRST TIME USER".
5. Fill out the form to register for an account.
6. Work through the application. On the Education section of the application, select group study and a scroll down will appear. Choose "FUMC-Lufkin 1E 2020".


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